Friday, December 11, 2009

Internet research

I am going on a trip with Brandon to Connecticut for the holidays. I am trying to find some good recipes for the 22 hour drive. YIKES! But in my search I came across this website which has some of the cutest sweets I've seen in a while. Bakerella!! I really like that valentines gift idea. I know v-day is a good while away but I might do this for Brandon.

So far I am going to prepare Vegetable quiche cups, mojo chicken (for sandwiches), dried fruit, carrot cake balls, and bran muffins.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Over the last year I have been very busy moving and getting my life on the road I'd like it to be. Unfortunately I didn't update this blog. :( I am going to avidly try accomplishing a few posts every now and then. As of lately I have been doing a lot of cooking for my boyfriend especially. A few holidays have also passed so I made some blog worthy food for that as well. I think I'll add some photos of some food I made just to get on track.
Oh geeze.. cute cup cakes

soon to be werewolves...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

love of cooking...

Since I was able to pull up the step stool to the microwave and pop something in, I've been attracted to the process and versatility of cooking. Over the years I've learned from trial and error. I'm not a perfect cook. I make mistakes and hope that the next time around I do that part better. I love new recipes, and the variety of taste. So expect to see a few recipe blogs here and there!!