Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last week I decided I needed to upgrade my hardware =). I am now shooting with a Canon 7D. This is a rather large jump to the point where it makes me nervous to even use it. Don't get me wrong it's exciting, but also it seems like taking on a lot more responsibility. Shannon helped me face my fears by doing a little bit of modeling for me. (Not to mention she was excited to see what this model brought to the table. What a photographer!) We had more than a little bit of fun. Shannon's beauty shines through each frame. See for yourself!

This next frame is one of my favorites of the day. Fierce but fragile.

Thanks Shanny for being so lovely and helping me work on my photography!!


  1. Just stopping by.....
    She is really beautiful. I think lovely is the perfect description.

  2. Awesome Josie!! Didn't expect anything less! You're a great photographer...but I should probably say something you don't already know! =) You can make anything beautiful (not that Shannon needed help in that department).

    As always, I'll continue to stalk your blog for more adventures! Love you Josie Rose!

  3. She needs to do a giant photoshoot of you!!!